Nicole is incredible at what she does. If you are struggling with Pinterest and need a VA - hiring her is a no brainer. She is detail oriented, easy going and efficient!
— Jas Deol

“Nicole is incredibly intuitive and can design images that look incredible just from a description of a feeling - She is truly one of the most caring and easy to work with people I've met in this business and she will definitely deliver all you expect plus more!”

-Shelly Petersen

"Nicole was great! She helped me work through some ideas on finding my target audience. We talked about how to introduce myself. I really enjoyed talking with her feeding off her energy. She is passionate about helping others find their balance and Infuse some fun into their business.”

— On Call Virtual Solutions

“Nicole Allard believes in you. And then, you start believing in yourself! It is contagious. She helped me plant the little seeds of my brand new business, help me have the patience to let them sprout, and orient me on the best ways of caring for them. Now I feel on solid ground. An exciting and sprouting ground full of possibilities!”

— Julie Archambault

“Nicole was the perfect person to help me organize my business, generating ideas, and even handling the balance between working a 9-5, having a business, and juggling family! The organizational and scheduling tips were extremely useful. Nicole was a darling to work with. I am confident, now more than ever, that I can achieve my dreams. All thanks to Nicole.”

— Yasmine Robles, Robles Designs


“I’ve been working with Nicole for a while now and I can’t even tell you the amount of clarity and confidence I’ve gained in my business! She’s a rockstar! I don’t know how I would have gotten this far without her.”

— amanda campbell

Nicole was just amazing. She was super helpful. She helped me get clearer on my goals and what I wanted out of life and my business. I was super excited to work with her! It’s made all the difference.

— ashley love


"I had the pleasure of having my first call with Nicole and it was no less than stellar. She dove right in and immediately provided steps to clarify and organize what I am actually doing and to whom. She definitely provided the clarity I needed for my next intensive! I would definitely recommend Nicole without hesitation for those in need of clarity and focus! Thanks Nicole!"

- Kim Roderick, Business Success Coach

"I absolutely loved talking with Nicole. She had so much insight. I’m a detail oriented person and she actually answered questions that others wouldn’t answer for me. Even though I just took her up on a free call, she solved the biggest problem that I’ve had since starting my intuitive alignment services. My main problem was finding my ideal client and she broke it down into an easy to dissect question with a clear path to the answer. Thank you Nicole. You have been a God send!”

— JessicaLynn Starling